How to Work on the Business for Growth and Expansion

business expansion Dec 08, 2020

Some time ago I got tired of being on the business hamster wheel.

You know, that feeling of never finishing up the massive to do list, not seeing past what’s in front of me and ultimately being consumed with working in my business.

 The painful truth was that doing all of that was maybe giving me short term success but never the sustainable long term success I wanted deep down.

 Trying to build your dream business and wealth while running on the business hamster wheel gets tiring after a while. It happens to the best of us.

Then, I had the opportunity to do some introspection, get grounded and in touch with my business- it was scary and I went for it.

I went for a good face to face stand off with my own self on where I was and ultimately where I wanted to be. These growth pains and reality checks were all necessary to step into the big picture CEO thinking I needed.

After that, I felt so refreshed and gained so much clarity on how to do big picture CEO embodiment thinking and started prioritizing working on my business vs. working in my business. 

Working in your business had me on the hamster wheel wearing all the hats in my business. And although I do think we all start here eventually when we get to a certain point in our business we can't stop us from looking beyond what’s in front of us. 

 When you work in your business you become consumed with the day to day tasks which allows in the moment thinking but does not allow room for big picture long term thinking. 

Working on your business on the other hand is taking direction of where you want to take your business in the future and really analyzing how the steps you take today will help you and your business get closer to that goal.

This new level of thought is what allowed me to break past 6 figures in sales this year and has helped me plan my next year from start to finish with a projected sales goal of half a million.

That was possible because I realized that there’s this ONE thing that made such a big difference for me when it comes to scaling my business and creating the lasting impact I want in and out of my business..

 I was subconsciously doing it but it suddenly dawned on me how without this ONE thing, everything just falls apart...

 That one thing is get in touch with your big vision!

Think about your vision as a map, your business as a vehicle and you as a driver.

With a clear vision mapped out of where you are going you are able to take your business in the direction you want without wasting time, money and energy. 

Without a clear vision on the other hand, you will not only constantly exhaust your vehicle you will also drain yourself with the lack of direction that you want to take.

It’s for those reasons why you need to get in touch with your big picture now. 

Here are some of the ways you can start getting in touch with your big vision so you can start working more on your business so you can establish the direction for growth and expansion.


  • Know where you are going

 When you know where you are going, creating the strategies that will support your vision become effortless because you are able to set the path for what is needed and ignore any noise that might distract you from the vision.

To help lock that in more you should also establish why you are going there. Why is this vision so important to you and what will achieving it create for you.


  • Establish short term and long term goals

 This is not only setting goals for today, this week, this month or year it’s thinking past that too and seeing where you want to take your vision 5 or even 10 years from now.

I consider these your business mile markers that help keep you checked as you work towards your ultimate vision.


  • Set needle moving tasks that lead to your big picture goals and vision

This is where we get to the nitty gritty of focusing on the needle moving tasks that will ultimately help you crush your short term goals, long terms and your big picture vision. 

These are the tasks that help support your vision, keep you productive, growing and keep you from being distracted, busy and running the business hamster wheel.

Make it a habit of asking yourself "will this get me closer to my ultimate vision and or goal?"

Leave me a comment below and let me know what your big vision goal is. I want to cheer you on!